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E Tv Marathi

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228 Comments on E Tv Marathi

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uday on 09.08.2014 (12:44) 
Tu Majha Saangaati marathi serial on 'E' tv not in your list
Rajesh patil on 06.08.2014 (19:47) 
Tu maza sangati title song khupch chhan aahe. Pls. Upload.
Vaibhav on 06.08.2014 (18:21) 
vaishali shinde on 04.08.2014 (22:53) 
plz upload tu maza sangati serial title is awesome song
vishal more on 03.08.2014 (08:49) 
Very good site. Tu maza sangati serial track plz...
sunita on 28.07.2014 (20:26) 
good site .. plz upload avaghachi ha sansar title song
Jenold Misquitta on 27.07.2014 (14:18) 
The songs which are available on this site are really listening oriented...well done...:-)
Nikesh chavan on 21.07.2014 (00:22) 
please uplode song of tu maza sagati new serial title song
SUMIT CHAUDHARI on 17.07.2014 (10:02) 
Saumya on 14.07.2014 (20:24) 
Please 1760 Sasubai title song upload kara
SAIGANESH on 13.07.2014 (19:10) 
Deepa Pravin Tanpure on 13.07.2014 (14:53) 
please add th title song of Sundar Majha Ghar
nil zambre on 11.07.2014 (19:58) 
I want tu maza sangati tital song .. plc upload it
vicky on 10.07.2014 (13:15) 
Plz 1760 sasubai cha gan upload kara
AMOL KOLHAL on 08.07.2014 (10:26) 
verry nice songs and good web for mobilekida...?
abhishek mahadik on 07.07.2014 (17:49) 
Zhunj marathmoli che title track upload kara plz
Khade Vicky on 02.07.2014 (22:17) 
The Title Song Of Hrudayee Preet Jagate Is The Best Song And I Like This Song Hence Upload/download This Song.
Vaibhav prabhukhanol on 01.07.2014 (23:03) 
please etv chi serial hridayi preet jagate aand tu mazha sangati che tital trak songs upload kara na please request u please
MD3 on 01.07.2014 (17:29) 
Plz vivah bandhan seriyal che all songs uplowd kara n zunj ch tital song plz i req. u plz first vivah bandhan
swara on 01.07.2014 (00:55) 
Plz hrudayee preet jagate ya serialch title song upload kara
sachin thakur on 30.06.2014 (17:04) 
Hrudai prit jagato...... he song uplode kara na
gurudev on 29.06.2014 (17:55) 
i want zunz marathmoli song
rohit on 29.06.2014 (16:44) 
Add zhunj marathmoli song .,B-).,
ajay wavhal on 27.06.2014 (17:10) 
zunj ya show ch title song
Akshay Tapase on 26.06.2014 (17:21) 
Tu majha sangti new comeing serial tital song plz uplod yaar.
Pranav on 25.06.2014 (20:52) 
Download Zunj de from youtube
Anil on 23.06.2014 (22:37) 
I want Zunj tital song
Ashish on 23.06.2014 (14:35) 
Hrudai prit jagte & asava sundar swapnacha bangla sirial song pls pls uplod kra
vi Jay on 19.06.2014 (18:34) 
Zunjmarath moli ch full song aplod kra......plzzzz?
Mahendra wakle on 13.06.2014 (21:25) 
Upload all new marthi serial title songs.
sandeep on 11.06.2014 (19:21) 
I want title song of "Unch Maza Zoka"
Bhushan Morankar on 11.06.2014 (10:07) 
Upload Junj marathmoli title song plZz
avinash.tagad......, on 11.06.2014 (01:28)
Roshan V Wagh on 09.06.2014 (20:53) 
Plz plz plz plz vivah bandhan serial madhal sagar ambekr ani mukta chi romantic background music upload kra na... he he he la la la as ahe te....plzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz upload kara...
somnath rajguru on 09.06.2014 (19:21) 
How to downlode sun maze ghar ringtone
Vaibhav prabhu on 03.06.2014 (17:47) 
Please etv chi serial 'lek ladki ya gharchi'yacha tital trak uplod kara na please.......please
govind sharma on 02.06.2014 (16:50) 
Plz sagar mukta chi love theme uploud kra... he he he la la la as music ahe..sagar ambekar.. plZ plz plz uploud kra
Vaibhav on 02.06.2014 (13:50) 
Mala 'lek ladki hya gharachi'ya sireal cha title trak song havay please upload kara na please
pradnya sharma on 01.06.2014 (17:02) 
Plz plz plz vivah bandhan serial madhal sagar ambekr and mukta chi romantic theme uploud kra na... he he he la la la as ahe te....plzzz plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz uploud kara...
Jayesh Khot on 01.06.2014 (11:07) 
Mala Zhunja Marathmoli full title song (full track) pahije plzz
Jayesh Khot on 01.06.2014 (11:05) 
I want Zhunja Marathmoli full title song (full track)
Abhi on 27.05.2014 (20:46) 
Plz zunj marath moli che title song download kara
Pranav Malusare on 27.05.2014 (14:43) 
Zunj Marathmoli - title track needed
kishor thorat on 10.05.2014 (22:40) 
Gandh phulancha gela sangun very nice song...heart touching
davkare mahesh osman on 10.05.2014 (21:58) 
i have a nuw song
krushna on 05.05.2014 (19:41) 
Lek ladkiya gharchi cha title song hv aahe plz avilable Karun dya
Sonkamble Tanaji on 22.04.2014 (20:17) 
Please Koni Tri 1760 Sasubai Chi TonE Upload Kara
pramod gunjal on 22.04.2014 (02:51) 
nice song mala khup aawdle ani ashich marathi song update kart raha i love you mobail
Abhijeet shekhar on 19.04.2014 (14:36) 
Website mustach aahe . Sundar maz ghar title good aahe te tumhi aaplya websitevarti upload kara.
jazz on 19.04.2014 (12:54) 
plzz add savar re new title song dive lagnichi vel
Prashant.v on 18.04.2014 (12:30) 
Maze man tuze zale hi seriel mala khup avdate ani title song pan i like song
Vinod Devarkar on 14.04.2014 (16:17) 
Savar re malika mala khup khup aavadte
Kshitija Revgade on 14.04.2014 (11:25) 
plz upload majhe man tujhe jhale song shoot in kashmir plz.....
MANISHA PULGAON on 13.04.2014 (14:45) 
Amche Atul sir maze man tuze zale serial madhlya shekhar sir sarkhe distat
pooja ...... on 11.04.2014 (11:24) 
Nighali comedy express ............
rohit nikhare on 03.04.2014 (17:25) 
plz sundar maze ghar title song upload kara... plz plz plzzzzzzz
shriraj birje on 01.04.2014 (23:45) 
savar re ch new song track ad kara please
Rohit Patil. on 01.04.2014 (21:04) 
shubra and shkar sweet capal.
rutuja kadam on 01.04.2014 (20:58) 
Khup chan gane aahe
Shrikant kharbas on 31.03.2014 (21:23) 
A very nice song I like it
Rupali Jawale on 27.03.2014 (17:55) 
maze man tuze zasle che kashmir la zalele navin song khup chan aahe
Kishor Badgujar on 26.03.2014 (13:30) 
Plz load a new song shooted in Kashmir of Maze Maan Tujhe Zhale.
Priyanka on 23.03.2014 (20:11) 
Sundar maza ghar nica song
sagar sangale on 22.03.2014 (21:35) 
nice song
Shruti on 21.03.2014 (22:40) 
Plz load a new song shooted in Kashmir of Maze Maan Tujhe Zhale.
asmita sankpal on 21.03.2014 (14:36) 
Maze man tuze zale mla khup aawadle
sugndha patil on 17.03.2014 (16:03) 
gandh phulancha gela sagun he song mala phar aavadte
Prerna Chavan on 16.03.2014 (17:04) 
i love Maze man tuze zale & Sunder maz ghar...
prashant wagh on 14.03.2014 (16:50) 
i love etv marathi.
Shubh pawar on 14.03.2014 (09:30) 
i love maze man tuze zale serial
naresh on 13.03.2014 (13:24) 
maze man tuje jhale best serial
Manisha Mohod on 11.03.2014 (16:53) 
My parents are big fan of "Maze man tuze sale" and I m also..thanks for making such beautiful serial..
mona hajare on 09.03.2014 (21:57) 
I like that serial and I like that serial song........very nice
viraj deshmukh(akoke on 04.03.2014 (20:07) 
mazh mann tuze zale
Santosh on 03.03.2014 (15:44) 
Plz upload Sundar maz ghar title song
Pankaj n suralkar on 01.03.2014 (14:18) 
Mala khup khup chan vatte.....
nilesh s mohitkar on 28.02.2014 (10:55) 
nc sirial also song,, maze mn tuze zale, bilkul zakassssssssssssss......
nandesh mandaokar on 27.02.2014 (20:34) 
I like this song. .
Dipti on 26.02.2014 (18:11) 
Can u plz upload the song of "sundar maze ghar"plz quickly as u can....mala te song javve aahe....plz plz plz plz plz this site is very users friendly.....rock mobilekida.....
rashmee on 25.02.2014 (16:14) 
sundar maze ghar ya serial che title song ka available nahiye??????
rajshree on 25.02.2014 (14:14) 
i want savre mana title song
Shubham ingale amrav on 23.02.2014 (13:18) 
Maze man tuze zale he song khup chan aahe mla khup aavadte
Yogesh Nikam. on 23.02.2014 (11:06) 
Plz. sundar maze ghar ya serial ch title song upload kra na plz. ata khup divas zale.plz upload kra.
Dnyaneshwar Kadam on 22.02.2014 (20:23) 
sa re ga ma pa che starting music upload kara. plz
madhuri gaikwad. on 21.02.2014 (21:54) 
i love u neel&sai.i want to meet u.
mahesh awati on 20.02.2014 (20:59) 
E TV v .good
punit kalsen. on 19.02.2014 (15:05) 
maze man tuze zale is the best serial. s shubra&shekar this is the good actors&my fevourate actors.
archu thakare on 18.02.2014 (14:44) 
plz upload sundar maz ghar title song
mansi on 13.02.2014 (22:36) 
Mazi 9manth chay mulila mazey man tuzey zaley he song khup avdta ticha sathi me hi seriyal naehmi bagtey ......
sagar pawar on 13.02.2014 (22:28) 
nice song
paresh on 06.02.2014 (00:42) 
Plz upload title song of sundar maze ghar
Lakhan Mahajan on 05.02.2014 (12:38) 
plz upload title song in sunfmdar maza ghar
paras on 05.02.2014 (00:30) 
plZzzz Sunder maze ghar ch title song kara na upload.....atta bharpur divas zale na.....plzzzz kara ahe tumchya site var khup....plzzzzz kara.....
Anil patare on 03.02.2014 (10:14) 
maze man tuze zale
Nitin Kadam on 02.02.2014 (01:21) 
Reen fiteta fitena, Reen fiteta fitena he geet upload plz plz plz plz plz
Pravin on 31.01.2014 (20:17) 
Savar re mana this song is incredible
punit kalsen. on 31.01.2014 (14:22) 
sarv serial changlya ahet pan tyamdhe mla "maze man tuze zale" hi jast avadte. mla shekar ani shubra hi jodi my feourate couple all episode is best of luck.
hiraman on 30.01.2014 (06:26) 
please give me title song for sundar maze ghar
disha patil on 29.01.2014 (14:12) 
plz sundar maze ghar taital song
rupesh thorat on 29.01.2014 (13:18) 
Plz upload savarare title song and ek mohor abol that's beautiful songs plz plz upload yrrr
Rakesh on 28.01.2014 (16:45) 
Sunder majhe ghar che titel..... . song pahije plz plz plz tari upload kara
Ashwini gawade on 25.01.2014 (23:10) 
sundar maze ghar plz upload
Milind dhule on 24.01.2014 (12:38) 
Plz upload the title song of sundar maje ghar .etv marathi serial song
Rupesh on 23.01.2014 (23:31) 
Maze mann tuze zale
Nisha bhalerao on 22.01.2014 (09:21) 
Sunder maje ghar tittle song download karave
kumarsantosh on 21.01.2014 (19:35) 
aryan on 21.01.2014 (00:25) 
Plz...add sunder maz ghar serial's title song
disha patil on 20.01.2014 (13:04) 
plz update sundar maze ghar
Nikhil kundale on 19.01.2014 (20:52) 
savar re and maze mann tuze zale it's nice song
sunita on 18.01.2014 (20:12) 
Pls update sundar maze ghar song.
sharvari on 17.01.2014 (13:04) 
pls update sunder maze ghar song pls pls pls pls
Swapnil anabhavane on 16.01.2014 (22:24) 
Sundar te majhe ghar etv marathi serial title song
Pradip on 15.01.2014 (22:37) 
Please Sundar mazhe ghar serial song update........
avalkar on 15.01.2014 (19:37) 
Plz added sundar maz ghar title song
ani on 13.01.2014 (17:53) 
Plz plz...etv marathi serial kata rute kunala title track plzz upload kara konitari....
Jyoti on 13.01.2014 (16:54) 
Majhe mann tujhe jhale...This song is very interesting plz listen.
ashu on 13.01.2014 (16:18) 
i want sundar maje ghar serial title song
Vaibhav Gadge on 13.01.2014 (11:58) 
Maze man tuze zale
Harish patil on 12.01.2014 (13:24) 
i like majhe man tujhe zale.......
Nitin mali on 11.01.2014 (19:52) 
Good song
ketan on 09.01.2014 (21:14) 
sundar maze ghar title song update kara plz
Ankush Bhagwat on 08.01.2014 (20:08) 
Vinayak on 06.01.2014 (14:05) 
Pls update the sundar majhe ghar song
prakash pathare on 06.01.2014 (12:33) 
Maje man tuje zhale ya madhe dusar ek gan ahe pls upload kara
priyanka on 05.01.2014 (18:26) 
shubhra ata jra sudhar.......
RAHUL DONGARDIVE on 05.01.2014 (14:24) 
somesh on 04.01.2014 (11:35) 
sunder maz ghar taitl song upload kara plz.
raj on 03.01.2014 (22:42) 
sunder maze ghar tital song upload please
prashant on 03.01.2014 (20:04) 
sundar maze ghar plz upload kara na ya sirialche gane.... Fm Sagar,Pinki,Rinki,Sukanya,Sonal.
surendra on 02.01.2014 (18:22) 
Nice songs
VINAYAK PATIL on 01.01.2014 (14:13) 
Nagesh P on 01.01.2014 (12:41) 
Sundar Maz Ghar plz add title track..i wait
shivam(amol) sultan on 31.12.2013 (08:16) 
Plz femeal cay awaja made ,maje man tuje zhale he tital song uplod kara na !
paras on 30.12.2013 (19:34) 
plzzzz plzzz upload Sunder Maze Ghar title song......
yuvraj on 27.12.2013 (20:19) 
savrara is very hertly serial
ADITYA KUNGHADKAR on 26.12.2013 (23:02) 
Thanks for majhe man tujhe jhale
prashant shelar on 25.12.2013 (06:36) 
please uplod titel song of sundhar maz ghar
ravi pawar pune on 24.12.2013 (19:50) 
nice web site
DKING on 24.12.2013 (19:36) 
Sunder maje ghar title song update kara na plz plz
pooja on 23.12.2013 (16:18) 
sundar maze har ya sireal song pahij tar koni tare upload kara plz plz
sandesh on 20.12.2013 (21:58) 
khup shodhali pn shewti ithech sapdli ....thanks
Nayan kirnapure on 18.12.2013 (10:01) 
Plzz maze man tuze zale madhl dhund hoti shabd sare he song upload kra plz plz plz...
Suraj Rane on 18.12.2013 (00:20) 
Pls upload sunder maze ghar title track
vikas pohate sarkaar on 16.12.2013 (21:43) 
I Like This Song MAZE MANN...... TUZE ZALE..,.
Sagar Sontakke on 16.12.2013 (20:04) 
sundar maze ghar plz upload kara na ya sirialche gane.... Fm Sagar,Pinki,Rinki,Sukanya,Sonal.
Akshay dada on 15.12.2013 (18:03) 
I like etv marathi
rashid pathan on 14.12.2013 (19:24) 
asawa sundar che song pahije plz upload
Rahul Bokad on 12.12.2013 (07:57) 
Savar Re
amol on 12.12.2013 (00:06) 
Good 1
Ashish on 11.12.2013 (20:34) 
sunder maze ghar title song add karana pls..maze ggirlfriend la pahije te song pls pls pls....
DAKSHAT PATIL on 11.12.2013 (13:35) 
Saavar re title song is very romantic song and touch every 1 .. I am request for u plz listen this..
Shlok Raje 7890 on 11.12.2013 (06:03) 
Superb Songs. Please ajun songs upload kara. I LIKE THIS WEBSITE.
vijaya yadav on 10.12.2013 (21:54) 
I love this song maze man tuze zale
Sukanya Niranjan Son on 10.12.2013 (20:26) 
Sunder maze ghar plz... upload this lovely songs...
Ashish on 10.12.2013 (15:10) 
sunder maze ghar title track upload kadhi honar
paras on 10.12.2013 (14:53) 
now plz upload Sunder Maze Ghar title track fast.....plzzz....
paras on 10.12.2013 (14:49) 
Thanzz 4 updating Savar re...
Nilam Niranjan Sonta on 10.12.2013 (07:39) 
Sunder Maze Ghar plzzz..... upload this ringtone plz........
NILAM N SONTAKKE DHO on 10.12.2013 (07:33) 
PlS... uplode to sundar maze ghar
NILAM N SONTAKKE DHO on 10.12.2013 (07:31) 
PlS... uplode to sundar maze ghar
Chetan on 09.12.2013 (21:03) 
Sundar maaz ghar ringtone downlods kara
rakesh mali (Rasayni on 09.12.2013 (00:29) 
Savar re..full tone pahije
Roshan on 07.12.2013 (18:00) 
Savar re mala ekda plz upload this song....
vipul on 07.12.2013 (00:11) 
Plz Plz upload saver re serial title track
deepak joshi on 06.12.2013 (23:05) 
Plese upload a savarare title song
Ankita on 06.12.2013 (16:32) 
Nice song maje mn tuje jhale
vipul satpute on 05.12.2013 (22:48) 
Plz add new saver re serial songs
Aakash Shirke on 05.12.2013 (14:56) 
Savar re taka ki rao aamchyasathi kay pan.
Umesh G on 05.12.2013 (06:36) 
Savar re & 1760 title song add.
Arvind markad on 04.12.2013 (17:46) 
Plz add song savrae
Kirti dahiwale on 02.12.2013 (13:22) 
Maze man tujhe jhale awesome song
shri on 02.12.2013 (08:02) 
Chanli site ahe but adds thodya kami podt kar tyacha tras hot ahe
prashant gaikwad on 01.12.2013 (00:26) 
Am want d in maja man tuje zale on 28th nov wala song sai ye dhundh zale Plz uplode
shilpa on 30.11.2013 (11:40) 
Pls upload savar re title plzzz plzzz plzzz plzz also I like maze Mann tuze sale serial mala kupe avadath..
nil chandane, achalp on 29.11.2013 (23:36) 
maze maan tuzye zale, nice song
archana vartak on 28.11.2013 (15:00) 
Mazr man tuze zale ani savar re chi video song plz pahije plz koni tari upload kara plz plz plz
ruchira dhole on 25.11.2013 (11:19) 
mala mathe man tujhe jhale he titale song hav ahe
Balaji Ingole Patil on 25.11.2013 (11:13) 
very ......nice song maze mane tuze zale
omkar on 24.11.2013 (17:41) 
mad che title song upload plzzzzzzz
Kiran on 23.11.2013 (10:35) 
Please upload savar re title song
ADI on 21.11.2013 (23:32) 
Nice songs
Pratik on 21.11.2013 (16:16) 
Ths shows are awsome specialy maze man tuze zale
Rohit on 19.11.2013 (19:52) 
Saavar re title song pahije, update plz
trisha on 18.11.2013 (16:48) 
i want to listen savar re song
sandip on 16.11.2013 (18:50) 
savar re
paras on 15.11.2013 (09:04) 
plzzz upload title track of Savar Re
Manuja on 13.11.2013 (16:37) 
Plz upload savar re title song
paras on 12.11.2013 (20:37) 
plzzz upload Savar Re title song......earlier.... is so nice....
shubham on 12.11.2013 (19:20) 
new serial savarare song added plz
samadhan on 11.11.2013 (21:41) 
pls navin siriel savar re che tital song add kara
Nagesh salunkhe on 11.11.2013 (21:20) 
maze man tuze zale
Shivam kapade on 07.11.2013 (14:34) 
So nice songs
sunil sanap on 31.10.2013 (21:43) 
Maze man tuze zale ya seriel madhil subra ani shekhar yanchyatil background muzic uplod kara please
RAJ on 27.10.2013 (10:36) 
song download
sagar on 26.10.2013 (22:44) 
Mad assal dancer i want this show tital song
omkar on 25.10.2013 (17:54) 
Tumchya sathi kahi paan
aniket on 22.10.2013 (20:03) 
i lick songs majhe maan tujhe jahle
sakshi patil on 21.10.2013 (01:44) 
maze man tuze zale he gane mala far aavdte.
vaibhav bhoir on 12.10.2013 (18:16) 
Mad madhala song tak
akash kokare on 07.10.2013 (12:44) 
maze mann tuze zale ?? ???? ????? song ???
SARANG on 07.10.2013 (07:31) 
nice c real
Sutar Balkrishna on 06.10.2013 (16:44) 
Gandha phulancha update plz
Anant on 27.09.2013 (08:29) 
Majhe Man tujhe jhale..
shabana on 22.09.2013 (23:01) 
Gandh phulsncha gela sangun l laike this song pls koni tari mala he song uplod kara pls
shabana on 22.09.2013 (22:55) 
Gandh phulsncha gela sangun l laike this song
Pooja on 16.09.2013 (00:05) 
Vivah bandhan madhla sagar ani mukat cha baground music update kara
Rutuja on 14.09.2013 (08:11) 
I want kalaya tasmai namaha title sng...
Nikita sawant on 03.09.2013 (23:07) 
Pls upload title song of maze man tujhe zale
KULDEEP on 27.08.2013 (17:49) 
vishal more on 27.08.2013 (10:07) 
Majhe mann tuze zhale song upload kara
Parag on 15.08.2013 (12:43) 
plz upload fast di title track of Maze Man Tuze Zale
Paras on 15.08.2013 (12:35) 
maze man tuze zale.......plz upload this title song earlier.....plzzzzz
JATIN SHINDE on 15.08.2013 (11:46) 
rashmi on 13.08.2013 (18:48) 
Maje man tuje jhale he song hvy
mahesh on 10.08.2013 (21:21) 
Mazhe main tuzhe zhale
bhumika patil on 09.08.2013 (19:03) 
Plz majhe man tuje zale, ha title song pahije.
Maze man tuze zale on 08.08.2013 (10:17) 
Pls update s songs
Ani on 05.08.2013 (23:17) 
Majhe man tuje zale title song
Yogeshwar thorat, Oz on 03.08.2013 (14:56) 
gandha phulacha gela sangun... This song is very interesting & heart touching please listen.
Kishor mulumkar on 02.08.2013 (13:49) 
Pls at new serial maje man tuje zhale . . .pls know update pls pls pls
Amit on 01.08.2013 (21:05) 
tumchyasathi kaypan

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